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help financially

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Down and out, 58 female, unemployed, too many deaths in my family, worked hard all my life

Down and out, 58 female, unemployed, too many deaths in my family, worked hard all my life until now. Always did the right thing. Cant get outta this black hole. Lots of tragedy in my life the last 8 years. That's all. Always wishing and praying for some help. I am tired.
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Help me. I feel lost because i need help but i dont know exactly who to approach for

Help me. I feel lost because i need help but i dont know exactly who to approach for assistance. I am in a rural village in kericho Kenya. I cannot get any assistance from my neighbours because they are also struggling. there is no electricity and so no computer where i stay. I have therefore put extra effort and sacrifice to get here.
...Save me
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khalida   in reply to angevette   on

Comment: Hello everyone. I know there...

Can anyone help me financially.plz
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We need money now! We have been struggling financially for a while. We just need help. I

We need money now! We have been struggling financially for a while. We just need help. I have been out of work for three years and have had 6 surgeries and they stopped my monthly payments and now are so far behind on everything. We truly need help. I don't know how to get out of this mess. I haven't been released to go back to work so I can't go get a job. Please help us.
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Help the poor to also help others.: Pls i want u to send me to Canada to continue with my masters programme in

Pls i want u to send me to Canada to continue with my masters programme in health then i will work whilst still in school to pay the money.God bless You.
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Gina B  

I am in need of financial help I rescue animals and help children in our neighborhood who

I am in need of financial help I rescue animals and help children in our neighborhood who need a place to stay or food to eat my husband is a purple heart disabled Veteran and I am also disabled so our income is very limited I am a month behind on bills do to medical issues and feed increase I could really use some one time help because i am scared to lose my home or have my electric cut off if anyone can help please let me know
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joseph, Im a single dad. My son is seventeen years old. Hes a senior in high school. He

joseph, Im a single dad. My son is seventeen years old. Hes a senior in high school. He wants to go to college. I don't want him to be like me.I want him to be happy. I'm a diabetic and have high blood pressure.Im ill a lot but never miss work.I only make 11 doolars an hour.I struggle desperately to pay bills and have food for my son.I couldn't get him a Christmas present again this year, even though he says he understands, I feel so guilty. He's such a good boy and it hurts me deeply.I feel We're on the verge of homelessness. I cry when my sons not around. I don't know what to do. I get no help from his mom and I haven't tried to get welfare. I just cant do that. But We are very poor.If theres someone out there that can afford to help us Id be so greatful and would do anything for you. Please help me. Thank you so much.
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I need a small home, mortgage free.

I need a small home, mortgage free.
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Jen Shalom  

Is there anyone that can help me financially please: My husband left me last year in

Is there anyone that can help me financially please: My husband left me last year in March, left with nothing, busy with a divorce, can't fight, because we wer married with a contract, left me with nothing, had a daycare centre had to closedown now, because can't pay the rent on my own, only had 5 children, got no transport, can't get a job because I am 61 but I know that I can still work, because I am still in good health and believe in myself and got a wide field of experience, I now borrowed money to survive but just getting deeper into trouble. I need about R55.000 just to get out of trouble or a good job that I can just have money to pay my debt of. I had to be out of the house were I am living on the 14th February so I am desperate please, no changers please as I just want to get on with my life. Can anyone help please I will pay back every cent or if there is someone that can just help me with a job it will be better for me to borrow money. May God work in someone's heart to help me please. I live in Port Elizabeth and is a ex-Pastors wife and he just work out on me, I am not the guilty one but can't fight the divorce, because i haven't got anything. Thanks Jen
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can u help me financially

can u help me financially
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"Please help"

I am asking if anyone knows if their is a place I can get help financially. I want to get out of debt, and I have done the wrong thing by turning to payday loans thinking I could make it work only to find out the hard way and I could never get ahead, instead I went deeper into debt. I tried everything, I even put my trust into someone that I thought was sincere. This person said she would put me to a test and if I followed her instructions that I would be rewarded, and I thought it meant helping me get some help. I did what was asked of me, she sent me a check and I was to cash it and send this money to a childrens home in Singapore. I deposited the check and waited for a few days like the teller said so it would clear. When I went to withdraw the money, I sent it out, only to find out a few days later by a letter that the check was no good. I couldnt believe it when I read it and I became sick, now only it took everything and now I owe for this awful thing when I thought this person was sincere. I just never knew someone could be so cruel, even though I was taken for granted, I hope deep down inside that the money that was not mine, I do hope it did go to a childrens home. I just cant understand why someone would do such a thing. I now am behind on everything and I sit for hours trying to figure out what I can do. I am disabled, my husband and I raise our granddaughter since she was a baby. If anyone knows of any information on where I could go for help, please help me. It is hard to open up about things like this, everyday I ask myself why are all these things happening to me, my mother always says that when you help someone, something good comes out of it in the end.
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I'm Raja from India,working as a coolie in a small shop.I've been married two years ago without the acceptance of my parents because of some religious disputes.So we don't have any helping hand.I've borrowed some money for my wife's educational purpose and for setting up a family.
At that time we got a mail that we have won some amount.We felt with that we can clear our debts.But thay cheated us lefting us witheven more debts and problems.
Now I'm not getting enough salary.I'm paying Rs.5000INR per month as interest for my debts.Now along with me my wife is also suffering with these problems.We are facing a lot of problem for food and even for paying rent to my house.
To clear all these,I need Rs.300,000INR.If anyone can help me financially,I'll surely return it in some monthly installments.
Please help us,We don't have any other way to clear this.May be god had shown us this way.Please help us
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Friend Narelle  

Please help my friend

I am doing this for a friend that I am financially unable to assist. She is unemployed and lives with her two youngest sons the yougest one has a medical condition. She is behind with her rent and is struggling to survive on the small amount she receives from Centrelink once the double rent payment and medical expenses for her son come out. This fortnight she has been left with a meer $17-00 to survive on. If there is someone that could help her she would really appreciate it and I would be forever greatful.
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Can anyone out there please help me. I am at my end. Don't know what to do. I have no income. Need medical help. Up to $5000.00

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please help me and my brothers n my daddy

hi name is megan and im 17 yrs old.
i live with my dad and 3 brothers. my dads wife just went to jail and he just lost his job so were struggling to pay the rent. were currently without gas and water. i was wondering if anyone knew where i can get some assitance so i can help my family.
ive looked for jobs everywhere but no calls. i just wanna be a happy family again. i hope were not homeless for xmas. anything(numbers,addresses,etc) would help.
ive tried salvation army and united way and charites church but theere not helping till january 5 and jan 7. i just need some good programs or good churches that yall know of.... thanku for reading .
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About Learningmama

I am a mama of 4 boys, 13, 9, 7, and 3.  I am working very hard to become an RN.  I have been in college for 5 years working towards a BSN, RN.  I am finally in the actual nursing program.  1st year, 2nd semester.  I am having alot of trouble maintaining finances to remain in the program.  My car broke down so I took the remainer of the money i had and bought a used car, it drove great for a 2 weeks then it began to have major problems and is no longer driveable.  I have been having to get rides and walk very far to my clinicals and I don't know how much longer I can hang in there for.  I do not have any time left for work and have exhausted all resources.  I will be evicted soon, I'm sure, and I am going to lose my internet, which is essential for schoolwork.  I am looking for some help financially, in the form of a loan.  I do not want a free ride, I want to pay back.  I am trying my absolute best to remain in school, as it is a way out of the financial burdens I am experiencing and a means to give my children a better quality of life.  I have a passion for taking care of people and I will be sure to help others when I get my family on our feet.  I appreciate any efforts of help in this situation...thank you for reading this and MANY BLESSINGS!!!

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Help Please!

I could really use help publsihing my books. It's not real expensive, but it feels like it with a family of 5 on one income.

I would love to become self sufficient.

God Bless Everyone!

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About beanie716

My name is edward im 36,I have three children,one which recently,broke his leg and had to have a operation.I recieve disabily benefits for mental related problems,this year has been one high stress problem after another,in june of this year,my disability benefits,were discontinued,because in 2000,I worked part time and made more than 200.00 dollars a months which in 2000, thats all that was allowed,in 2001 it went up to 530.00,so now i owed 82,000.00 dollars overage.I appealed their decision,they decided to continue my benefits,but it has taken,three months to process the information,now im behind on my mortgage,my electric bill,and water bill.Also this year in feburary my mother had a massive stroke,left paralized and cant communicate,she in a home in a different state,because of gas prices,and barely able to make it as is,I havent been able to see her.Then in march my wife had back surgery,two herniated disc,then after that is when ssa,sent me the letter of their decision,also my mother in law had heart surgery.Shortly after that,I had what I thought was bells palsy,but come to find out,I have,MS multiple surosis.If any one cant help,with some of the finacial burden,it would greatly be appreciated.

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About depressed1973

I am having a hard time paying all my utilities ect due to the cost of food, and gas, I have recieved numerous shut off notices, and have no where to go because every time I call my utilitie companies they say we make to much money for any kind of help my daughter  has a lump on her skull the drs have no clue what it is it has been especially even more fifficult now to pay my bills because of paying for medical expenses the insurance does not cover. My daughter has had this lump for over a year on her skull, the first time I had it checked by my primary care physician he said it was just her skull then I had it checked again by another Dr and this Dr said it was just a calcium deposit without doing any further testing and I was persistant because its a lump and should not be there, the dr finally did do ct scan and mri after a year and a half the lump has got larger since the first time it was checked it was about the size of a pencil eraser now its the size of a half dollar, the drs were trying to send me to wrong drs for this, Now we have been finally sent to the right Dr, she goes in for surgery on her skull sometime the begining of next month

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About vickylee

Please help, Im a mother of 6 children on my own and in need of financial help to pay off bills.  Ive been struggling now for a long time and managed to keep my head above water, my children age range from 3 to 17, they are well grounded, healthy and happy and thats whats most important, I am just not a money person, as long as my bills is paid Im happy.  I dont drink or smoke, dont socialise, just work and look after my kids.   but due to a few unforseen circumstances, through no mismanagement of money as I make do with whatever I have, I have ended up with three demands of money on me that I just dont have that come to the value of €3200 if you can help please contact me smith_d24  I will explain exactly why I have got the bills in the first place. thankyou

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